Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is Public becoming Private?

Public etiquette has been part of the public life for a very long time. In this day and age, there is an even stronger calling for it. With people yelling on cell phones and typing away on laptops, it's hard to find a moment without technology. Outcries have been heard about this.

I know that I cannot stand talking on my cell phone at all, much less in public places. My phone constantly stays on vibrate because I can't stand loud, annoying ringtones. Other people, however, have different views. How many times have you heard a phone go off loudly during a play or a movie and watch someone rush out to answer it? How about someone yelling loudly into their phones where people hang out? Someone blaring music while driving down the strip or around campus? All of these things are going against public etiquette, and people are getting more and more annoyed at other people, even when they do it themselves.

We may think that public places can be places of protest or where we can go to just sit. However, most public places hold the right to either not serve you or kick you out for loitering. They can tell groups that they cannot hold events there, and they can call police if the groups do not comply.

Is our public really public anymore?

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