Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Search Nobody Ever Truly Finishes.

I have been in search of music, as most people do at points throughout their life, but not just music. Good music. Amazingly, I was blessed enough to fall in with the "artistic" people at Tech and be told about everything that happens in the BackDoor Playhouse. 
The Runaways just so happened to be playing this past Thursday for their first CD release. There were two opening acts before the main event. Both of those acts were also pretty amazing. The first act was a boy and a girl. The boy played guitar and sang, and the girl hardcore rocked a fiddle. For meeting within the past week or so of classes, they did suberbly. The second act was a solo guitarist/singer chick who as the band stated "had the voice of an angel". Very true. She had a really awesome mix of an alto and soprano voice that you find in very few singers. 
Now onto the main event. TheRunaways took the stage to racous cheers. They played everything they knew from eight thirty to around ten thirty, and then they received a standing ovation accompanied with calls and shouts of "Encore!". 
I bought their CD before they were finished hearing rock angels sing in the background because I had finally found some really sweet music. After the band had finished and the Playhouse had most cleared out, I went to tell the guys how great of a job they had done. Talk about some chill, really cool guys. They all obliged my inner fan girl and signed my CD "resleeve", recycled paper made into a CD sleeve (Even cooler that they care about the enviroment!), which I'm sure will be worth a ton of money someday because they'll be so very famous. Better yet, I just got to talk to them. They're a bunch of laid-back guys just wanting to play their music, and I feel that makes their music better in some way because they don't just search for that fame. There's real heart in it for them. 
In conclusion, everybody who missed this concert really missed out on something amazing, and I reccommend finding a CD. To The Runaways, I hope you guys succeed in whatever you decide to do. You guys rock!

On another sidenote of my search, Ryan Brown gave me access to his CD collection. There are perks to having DJ friends. =)

Beloved French Thespian Girl (a.k.a. Ielense)

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