Thursday, February 12, 2009

Say it with me now...


When did this word become a dirty word in society? Yes, it's something not often used in "polite company", but when did it become something to protest?

Tonight, at the opening show of "The Vagina Mnologues" collected by Eve Ensler, protestors appeared across the street in full force. Their main fight being that this was degrading to women, sinful, vulgar, and supporting abortion. 


Someone please explain this to me. These monologues are about women speaking out against violence against women. The message of this play is not "Pussies unite against men and destroy the dominiant social order!". While there may be the funny monologues like "My Vagina is Angry", there are also the monologues like "Say It". This piece is a very compelling monologue about the women stolen from countries surrounding Japan during World War II in order to be used as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers. Many of these women were beaten, mutilated, and systematically raped for most of WWII. These "Comfort Women", as they were referred to, were returned to their countries after the war as dead, lifeless, infertile, broken shells. At least, those that survived were returned. 

People don't understand that this play isn't just about women getting to flaunt words like "vagina" and "cunt" and "coochie snorcher". This is about helping people to see and understand that there is violence against women out there and that we have to do something about it. 

If you haven't read or seen this play, then do so. You might not agree with it, you might absolutely despise it, but still give it a shot. Try to understand what this play is trying to achieve. If you still don't agree with it, then, by all means, stand outside and protest against us. I may not be comfortable with everything in the play, but I understand what it is that it is fighting against, and I stand beside that. 

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